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Character Bio

A grade A student has died and been stuffed into the suit by Purple Guy. His personality has now been combined with the already smart bot.

Screenshot 2015-08-04-17-11-38-1


He has the same design as the other bots, rectangular body, gray color and a simple smiling face. He is wearing a college hat to signify his smartness.


He is the smartest one in the group, even smarter then Bracer. Drillbit tries to make sure everything the bots do are precise and accurate, he makes no room for error, he hates night guards because Drillbit now has to deal with the errors he made. But with guidance from Bracer, he learns to stay in a happy mood. But like with everyone, hurt one of them, your dead.


Bracer - These are really great friends and is Bracer's second in command. These two work together with Bracer's strength and Drillbit's smartness, these two make a deadly pair.

Exi - He has a goal as well with everyone, keep Exi happy, because they all love to keep that smile on her face. If anyone hurts Exi physically or mentally, it's instant death for them.

Slicer - They are really good friends as well. They often talk to each other while Bracer or Exi is killing the guard, they often have a laugh when Bracer joins in on the group.

Sharder - They are a great pair of friends as well as everyone. Drillbit can rely on Sharder to distract the guard so Drillbit can move in, it's a bond that is never broken.


Drillbit was the second bot I tried to make

His smartness is 5x more then Bracer's

He is always wearing his hat, he is never seen without it

Drillbit's drills can easily tear through.

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