Character Bio

A bunny robotic that managed to replaced the V1 version. He's practically the smart one of the group, he can even divide by zero. After the war, he earned the alias "Commander Drilbit"

Screenshot 2015-08-04-17-11-38-1


He has the same design as the other bots, rectangular body, gray color and a simple smiling face. He is wearing a college hat to signify his smartness.

Series 2

He's gained a bunny like appearance as well as gaining a new darker green color. He still maintains his hat and drills.


He is the smartest one in the group, even smarter then Bracer. Drillbit tries to make sure everything the bots do are precise and accurate, he makes no room for error.

Series 2

He maintains his personalit, but has gained more cruel as he is now out for bloodshed as well. He seems to not care about who he experiments on as long as he gets his data.


Bracer - He tries his best to keep his boss appeased as he knows that he's dead weight if he proves to be unuseful. He usually informs Bracer about their opponents.

Exi - Despite rarely talking to her, he tries to understand her problems and find a logical way to solve them. Other then that, they're on good terms.

Slicer - Slicer and Drillbit act as rivals to fight for Bracer's position as his second in command.

Sharder - They seems to be okay as they rely on each other to create new work. They also prove to be okay with each other when dealing with situations together.


Yellow Energy

This also serves as his respect core color.

Blueprint Skills

He can plan out flaws and points in things that others has made in order for the creation to work.


His smart AI has proven to outmatch his friends and others.


Drillbit was the second bot I tried to make

His smartness is 5x more then Bracer's

He is always wearing his hat, he is never seen without it

Drillbit's drills can gouge out eyes.

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