This is by FunCookie. This is the story of Amethyst the Kitten. Hope you enjoy! :D [Note: the murdering was taken from the 'Inventing' series on this wiki!]

Dun Dun Fun!

Hi there! I'm Amethyst the Kitten. This is the story of my death.

My name used to be Amaryl. I went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on the date 13th November, 1987. I think it was a Friday. Friday the 13th. Unlucky day for a birthday, right? And it must have been very unlucky for me to die. But I'm glad they haven't found my body - it's in the suit. Imagine a grave saying 'Amaryl, beloved daughter, died on Friday the 13th'? Everyone would laugh.

Anyway, back to the story. I went with my best friend Stacey...and my mum. I thought it would be fun. It was my birthday, like I said...worst birthday ever. And my last proper birthday. But I didn't know that when me and Stacey were jumping out of the car, of course. I wish I did. I could have ran 1000 miles, miles and miles away from here.

I had pepperoni and mushroom pizza, and some Freddy cakes. Then the band sang me Happy Birthday with everyone else. It was my 11th birthday. I blushed furiously at all of the attention, but when I think about it, I'd stand on that table forever than be stuffed in a suit.

I played with Stacey and some other girls, then I had a blueberry smoothie to refresh myself. I was going to find out where to dispose the smoothies, when a green bunny animatronic put his hand on my shoulder, and took me away. I tried screaming but he had a horrible green paw on my shrieking mouth.

If I did have fun, it didn't last long anyhow.

Dun Dun Death!

I got dragged into a room called Parts & Services.

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