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Dusty is a wolf animatronic who once worked as a cashier at McDonalds and StarBucks.He now is a guitar player in the restaurant Daniel's Diner,along with his other fellow animatronics there.


Dusty was originally made as a cashier for StarBucks.He worked there for 8 months,but then one day a customer accidentally spilled a jug of water on him,and he malfunctioned and wouldn't work for a while.He was then moved to McDonalds and repaired.He then worked as a cashier again,this time for 10 months.But then he decided to find his own life and escaped.He ran to Daniel's Diner restaurant,where he met his 5 new friends there.He learned to play the guitar,and now plays there for the band.Dusty is a bit confident in situations,and can be arrogant once in a long while,but he is kind to people he likes,but he is shy to new people,and hostile to people he hates.However,he is a very fun-loving person in general.The child who was stuffed into him was called Ralph.


He is gray on most of his body,but his paws,underbelly,and face are light gray.He has a small scratch on the left side of his chest,exposing a few wires,but the wound is covered by his clothing.He has green irises which are notably shiny.He also wears a red t-shirt,which is covered by a green jacket,which,unlike other jackets,use metal buttons.He also wears a ordinary pair of cloth pants,which are indigo.He wears light blue sneakers,which have white parts along the sides.


Daniel-He is very good friends with Daniel,and they often chat.He likes him because he shares the same interests,and is kind and honest.

Kelly-He has a romantic relationship with Kelly,because she is kind,honest,helpful,and he thinks she is beautiful.She returns his love,making them a great couple.

Terrence-He is friends with Terrence,but he thinks he is a bit arrogant.He also is annoyed by Terrence's pranks,but he shares the same interests and opinions on things,making them friends.

Calvin-He thinks Calvin is cool,and skillful for managing the power and electricity of the building.They are great friends.

Purple Man-he hates the Purple Man for killing the 5 children,and stuffing one of them into his suit,when Dusty arrived.


"You got it,can I get your name?" -Dusty in StarBucks

"Would you like fries with that?" -Dusty in McDonalds

"H-hey there" -Dusty when he first met Kelly

"Are you ready to rock?!" -Dusty before playing his guitar

"No,NO PLEASE!" -Dusty before getting deactivated by Purple Man

"You,you k-killed him" Dusty after seeing Purple Man kill a child


  • He is the first of his creator's characters to be in love
  • He is his creator's first non violent animatronic OC

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