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Dyan is a fan-character created by Shadowboy192.

Backstory Edit

Dyan was created along with Tommy, Oid and Ryan after the re-opening of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to work as a performer in the stage of Tommy's Funhouse. He works as a band mate with Ryan and plays an electric piano while Ryan plays the drums.

Appearance Edit

Dyan has a similiar appearance to the toy animatronics. His main color is cyan but his belly, hands and lower legs are white colored. He also has buttons on his belly and has a similiar hair style to Toy Chica, but more messy looking. His feet and beak color is an orange-ish yellow and his pupils are dark gray.

Personality Edit

Dyan is a nice guy, always helping others in need, but can also be selfish sometimes. He is a perfectionist by nature and tries to make his enemies or annoying people go away by manipulating them with his speech. He also sometimes uses his manipulating skills to get information from people, which is how he knows about what happens outside the funhouse. He talks in a british accent most of the time, but when angered he will let go of his accent and talk in an autotuned voice. He is friends with Ryan.

Relationships Edit


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While Dyan likes playing the piano, he also prefers singing better.
  • Ryan hated him at first, but they later became friends. Can't say the same for Oid though.

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