Dylan is an animatronic Human made all the way back in the year 1957, he was first used at Dylan's Diner, but later he was sold to Fazbear Entertainment. He is a male and he is an animatronic human. He has a plush version of himself.


  • 1957 - 1959 Kenny Martins
  • 1987 - 1994 Andrew Anderson
  • 2026 - 2037 Rodney Johnson
  • 2107- 2109 Sydney Smith


He has brown hair and is very tall. He has a red shirt and Jeans. He has brown shoes and a Yellow bowtie.


Golden Dylan (Dolan): He was originally used at Dolan's Funhouse but was later stored away after it closed. He was a white human animatronic with black hair, a orange shirt, a black button and yellow suspenders. He is now a golden because he is now rusty and is a lot more damaged.

Toy Dylan: He has red rosy cheeks, brown hair, red shirt, jeans and a yellow bowtie. His mouth is very similar to Balloon Boy's.

Dylan 5.0: He has a block top hat, a grey shirt with a yellow bowtie, brown pants and brown shoes. He is very damaged and withered.

Dylan 3.0: He looks like Normal Dylan except looks more like the FNaF 1 characters.

Dylan 6.0: He has a black top hat with a red stripe on it, and he has a black tuxedo with a white bowtie. He also has two black buttons. He has brown pants and black shoes.

Shadow Dylan: He is a purple version of Dylan with two white blank eyes.

Phantom Dylan: He is a very burnt and damaged version of Dylan. His nose is gone.



  • He was originally from a pizzeria in the 50s called Dylan's Diner, but was later sold to Fazbear Entertainment.
  • In his original design he looked more like a toy animatronic with red cheeks and he also had a top hat.



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