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she has very big ears that have light brown on the inside and dark brown on the outside she also has a very long tail the tip is light brown and the rest dark. she always carries around a book with the words 'DIE' on it. she wears a light blue jumper and a short pink skirt she also wears light blue boots, she wears a pink mask with a blue line going down the center and blue lines coming from the eyes and going down into the chin area.


she love hearing other people suffer and normally starts fights to watch if she gets involved in a fight she will make sure she wins. she never lets anyone see under her mask. after night 1 and 2 she starts to lurk in the shadows a bit and when she comes to the door and you turn on the light all you can see is an eye and part of he mask.she can make her way to your office very fast and when she is near she will start to say random story title (e.g) "LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD" "ROBIN HOOD" but they all have something to do with 'hood, or cloak or as far as the theorys go something about disguise

Back story

she was made to read stories to little children at the first Freddy's and she was ment to act to when she was acing as a wolf from red riding hood she bit of a child's arm and that is why she has the mask. they tried shutting her down but it never worked so they muted her and tried tying her up but she always got loose some how and on rare occasions the poster in the east hall will change to a picture of her tied up and locked away.



she likes Megumi because she sits and watches her manipulating others and enjoys their pain

Toy Megumi

'if I don't like you nobody does' she hates toy megumi because she hates most of her friends


like Megumi she likes Konton because he manipulates people too and she likes to sit and watch them suffer

Holly the fox

she is mostly friends but can fall out because of something they say wrong xD or if Holly and her can't agree on anything but apart from that really good friends :P



Foxstars amazing pic (had to change the colours a bit xD) tysm

WIN 20160309 202403

ebony takes off her mask!!!!

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