Eleven Nights of Pizzeria is the first game in the series of the same name.

Eleven Nights of Pizzeria


Main menu

Platform(s) Windows/Android/iOS
Created by: User: BrettThompson
Genre Point and Click
Theme Horror
Mode Single-player


3 children disappeared overnight! The pizzeria owner said to speak to the security and the guard said "Blood is coming out of the robots!" He has seen blood stains coming from the robot. The police were put to work immediately, and results were received. "HELP! Security!" One day, you see the results of their work in the newspaper. Then, you must survive until the end of your eleven-night shift: 7:00. 


  1. Croco
  2. Emerald
  3. Big Nightmare


  • CAM 1 = EXIT/ENTRY (Croco)
  • CAM 2 = HALLWAY (Croro, Emerald)
  • CAM 3 = SHOW STAGE (Croco, Emerald, Big Nightmare/Note: Big Nightmare poster)
  • CAM 4 = HALLWAY 2 (Big Nightmare)
  • CAM 5A = MENU/ORDERS (Croco)
  • CAM 5B = DINING TABLES (Emerald)
  1. Emerald = Show Stage/Hallway/Dining Tables/The Office
  2. Croco = Show Stage/Hallway/MenuOrders/The Office
  3. Big Nightmare = Show Stage/Hallway 2/Office


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