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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Hello? Ah! Ever since Elinor broke down, Catty has been very active. Yeah, Elinor just stopped working. They've never thought of replacing her, either.

Phone Guy, Mentioning Elinor's break down.

She is featured in all Violence at Best games.


Elinor is a small, female eagle animatronic. She has wings similar to Toy Chica's arms. Her "feathers" are light rufous. Elinor's eyes are bright blue. Her beak always has a smug expression implanted on it.

In Games 2-3 of the VaB series, she starts at the Parts/Service room, torn down to the endoskeleton, except for her wings and legs.


Elinor barely ever moves from her starting point, The Prize Corner. Yet, attracting Catty to that spot causes her to move towards the player, with Catty close behind. Her jumpscare is to pop out, and peck were the frontal lobe is located.

In games 2-3, however, she is EXTREMELY active on nights 2-7. Her death screen is you in a Fazbear suit, with her laugh playing in the background.

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