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Ella is a Nightguard at Freddybeard's Fun and Games Cove, a pizzeria related to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Ella was once a happy, optimistic teenager. But due to the deaths of her parents, she seems psychotic and murderous. She once burned Freddybeard's to the ground. Once somebody fights her or tries to arrest her, she responds with a full psychotic rage, ending up in the deaths of several people.


She is a blonde girl, looking like a 14 year old. She was last seen wearing a Green T-shirt, and dark blue jeans.


As a child, Ella was born on March 23, 1993. When she worked in Freddybeard's in 2007, she was 14. Her mother died from childbirth, and her father died on September 15, 2007, due to A Bite from Blessilda, another character from Freddybeard's, killed him, resulting in the Chomp of '07. She has been psychotic and unstable since her Father's death. She disappeared in 2008, after killing 14 people due to a rampage.


-Ella was first created in a roleplay in the canon wiki called "Make Your Own FNaF Building!" Made by Some Random Potato, now called Enderspring, and played by Freddybeard

-She made one firetruck explode and also tried to burn another Pizzeria, aside from Freddybeard's.


Ella is Freddybeard's OC. If you wish to roleplay as her, notify him in the comments below.

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