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"Endless Nights" is a series of chapters starring Purple Guy, Puppet Guy, and Magenta. It is a horror-comedy, mystery comic created by ~~Candy-Corn-Chan~~.

Chapter 1: Puppet

A kid named Bleu goes to Fredbear's Family Diner and gets murdered by Purple Guy, after being left to keep an eye on his sister. His soul then possessed a lonely puppet. Two years later the place was remade and renamed to Freddy Fazbear's pizza. After Purple guy murdered four more children, Puppet Guy stuffed their bodies in the animatronics, hoping that they would possess them.

Chapter 2: Pink 'n' Purple

Purple Guy finds a lost little girl outside his office. Purple guy thought she was adorable so he was nice to her. However, he wanted to keep her in order to murder her. Once she got inside his secret office, the little girl told him her name: Magenta. Purple Guy told her his real name and creepily told her to go to bed. Then Purple guy went through a psychotic episode: deciding weather he should kill Magenta or not. The animatronics, meanwhile, try to kill Mike.

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