Endo exit is a fan game by me and is part of the five nights with austin game series


It's a run and dodge game,you play as austin running away from evil endoskeltons,while avoiding obstacles.


Austin (playable)

Endoskeletons (enemies)

Foxy ( background)

Freddy (background)

Bonnie (background)

Chica (background)

Golden freddy (obstacle)



Freddy Fazbear's pizza (inside)

Freddy Fazbear pizza (outside)




Fazbear fright (inside)

Fazbear fright (outside)

Purple man's house

Street (the street from the "give cake" minigame in FNAF 2)

fredbear's family diner


Using the in-game currencys "coins" and "snow keys"you can buy costumes.

Name austin's line
Normal costume "just normal me!"
Freddy costume "hi kids! It's me austy fazbear! Hahaha!"
Pirate costume "arr!"
Medival costume "this costume is  so  medival! Get it? Because it's medival? Hahaha!"
Bat boy costume "to freddy Fazbear's pizza! Away!"


when starting up the game..

Austin: tap the big red button to play!

Austin: run! Run! Run!

when starting a run...

Austin: read7 to run!

Austin: run! Run! Run!.....wait...did I say that allready?

When losing...

Austin: oof!

Austin: all dang it! I forgot my extra snow keys!

Austin: we..May need some practice....

when doing a near miss

Austin: I thought I was hit!!!

Austin: missed you!!

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