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*note this story is way shorter than usual as it only follows what happens when purple guys takes the boy who loves Foxy to the storage room* ( this story contains the following violence, murder if you are sensitive to these topics then DO NOT read)

Is this where foxy is mister asked the little boy outside the door. yeah I heard he's been dying to meet you! Said the man in purple. He lead the small boy into the room. Foxy? Asked the boy. The boy heard a click behind him. the man in purple put a blindfold on him. What are you doing mister? He asked. Oh it's a surprise be ready! Oh ok Sir said the boy. He quietly took out a knife already covered in crusty blood. I'm ready mister. Said the boy ok here it come said the man. He took his knife and slit his throat. He didn't hurry though the you boy screamed in pure agony as he fell the cold crusty blade dig into his flesh as blood began to spew out All over the floor. He couldn't speak all he could do was sit there gurgling on his own blood feeling his life slip away still desperately trying to grasp his almost lifeless body. Laughter echoed in the background as his final thoughts were about his mommy as the life drained from his Sobbing eyes.

Evan just turned 6 when he was murdered on his birthday.

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