Evanna Valentine (Known as Valerie by her friends) is a female human, given asGolden Lindsay's proxy in a roleplay. She wears a white dress with black pants, she has green eyes and glasses.

She appears in this RP: [[1]]


Evanna was originally in a group of human Bandits, but she was abandoned by her gang. Golden Lindsay found her and decided to keep her alive in exchange for her doing all of her dirty work: Messaging, hiding bodies, repairing animatronics, etc.

She traveled back in time when she found a machine able to do so, and became Golden Foxy's proxy and best friend.


She is a very intelligent woman; this is a blessing and a curse, as her intelligence clouds her senses sometimes, causing her to panic. Generally, she is very nice, and will do anything to help her friends.

Special Relations

Holly the Fox: She has a strong love for Holly, due to her loving children. She hates the fact everyone tries to kill her and harm her.

Lindsay: She has some respect for her, as she was a human once and she gained a reputation with animatronics.


-The creator of this was inspired when he saw other contributor's proxies.

-When she was a bandit, she stole a ring of a married couple; the ring is still being worn by her. (In the picture, the ring is being hidden in by her guns.)

-She is a Women in White (WiW) member with Lindsay, Melissa, and Amity.

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