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Evil Freddy

Evil Freddy is an evil clone of Freddy Fazbear created by William Afton. He's a red version of Freddy with black eyes and red circular pupils.


In 1983, Evil Freddy was created by William Afton to help kill children. Evil Freddy will mimic voices and mimic animatronic eyes to bring children into the safe room, to help William stuff children in the springlock suits. Evil Freddy is kept within the safe room for storage.

Evil Freddy mysteriously vanished and therefore couldn't be withered in 1987, but he somehow reappeared. He also reappeared in 1993. He wasn't noticed in the safe room when the people behind Fazbear's Fright salvaged from the location.


Evil Freddy is an red bear animatronic, that looks similar to the current Freddy. He has no eyes, with red circles inside them to act as pupils. His eyes can mimic regular eyes, but the eyes appear more like lights.

His hands can turn into murderous weapons, like buzzsaws, knives and axes.


All Evil Freddy knows is to kill, the other animatronics and it's history. It's friends with Golden Freddy, Springtrap and Purple Guy. It doesn't like the other animatronics at all, or the nightguards. Like other animatronics, he threatens and sometimes kills nightguards. He also has similar abilities to Freddy, like being able to activate music with his voicebox and has the same laughter, but slightly lower in pitch and distorted.

Evil Freddy is a very cocky animatronic, and studies on all of them. He only works with evil.


Fazbear Platformer 2 - Fighting Hybrid

Evil freddy44

Evil Freddy, as he appears.

Evil Freddy makes an appearance as a DLC Boss in Fazbear Platformer 2. He also accompanys Springtrap/Phantom Springtrap in his quest for domination. Evil Freddy's boss door appears randomly in a stage, which when entered, will send you to Springtrap's boss room, with Evil Freddy to fight.

One Night of Everything

Evil Freddy appears within One Night of Everything. He's unlocked having every Five Nights at Freddy's game. He starts within the Safe Room and makes his way towards the Office.

One Night of Everything 2

Evil Freddy is planned to return within One Night of Everything 2.