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When Bracer notices more malevolent animatronics, he started Freddy Fazbear Police Department. Users and animatronics can join, but they have to be positive


Bracer- He started the force and is the chief. But he hates that he feels more better then others, so people only call him by his name. He gets calls on certain days and gets the job done.


Pistol- Every member is equipped with a pistol on a day on the job.

Shockgun- a shotgun that fires large bursts of electricity.

Mini-Stun- A mini-gun that fires paralyzing charges.

SWAT Members

Mattaku: he is very impatient, rude and scary. he can transform into any animal and will never use transport a he gets motion sickness. His friends call him matt, and when hes called out on a mission to kill, well he might just kill everyone and everything ;)


Police Car- This is the main transportation for any officers. They are sometimes armored to withstand bullets. Most members use this.

Swat Truck- It is a heavily armored truck that transports SWAT team members to the scene. They are bulletproof and can withstand explosions. They have machine guns mounted on the windows.

Helicopters- They have machine guns and rocket launchers. They can fly fast and can withstand bullets and rockets. They can transport more people to the scene.

Wanted Characters

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