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FNAB: Rise of Darkness is a Five Nights at F***kboy's fan game, except that it takes it's plot seriously.

Screenshot 2016-02-04-18-04-00-1


(A stupid plot)

You, the player is sick of these robots constantly scaring and bringing you nothing but fear and dread, so you finally decide to put an end to their evil doings, but will actually find out who really wants to put an end to you?

World 1: Beginner's Luck

The player will first start in the office with Drillbit on the left door, telling them to just give up and die. However, they will soon say that they are not afraid and opens the door, armed with a crowbar. They will soon be thrown into a battle with Drillbit, (the battle scenes look like the ones from pokemon). They will then be shown instructions on what to do. The player starts at Level 5.


Level: 6



Metal Armor

Strategy: Drillbit shouldn't be too hard to defeat as he is only at Level 6 and the crowbar will provide more attacking power. Although, Drillbit can be threat if he raises his defense more.

When Drillbit is defeated, he angrly states that the "others" will take care of him and retreats, letting the player to leave the office.

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