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Ever wonder if you got the job at Bracer's and would want to know if you would survive or die. Well, now you can as you can be yourself or an OC as you can write in the comments if you would like to try and survive Bracer and his friends, including hybrids and elements. You can survive Bracer and his regular crew, win the night and you move on to the toys, winning will get you to the Phantom chapter, increasing in difficulty, so make your decision wisely, the next chapter is the Nightmares and the final chapter is the Endo-bots in FNAB 5. Bonus chapters are Five Nights with Elements 1 and 2 and One Night with Hybrids! Here is the catch, I choose your fate, so pick your strategy and character wisely.

Story #01 (Demo Story) Challenger: Mike Schimdt

Mike is desperately watching the cameras as he watches the doors to ensure no bot is at the door. He keeps Bracer in check as Exi and Drillbit close in for the kill. He closes the doors just as they got near, but neglected to hear Itsy Bitsy enter the vent, he looked up to see her and closes the vent. He was running out of power and he is at 4 AM, he checks the right door and opens it to find no one there. As he was going to check Slicer, a robot got inside as it's chainsaw slices through his body, killing him instantly.......Game Over........

Death Time: 5:00 AM

Killer: Hybrid #01

My Opinion: Better luck next time, man.

Story #2 Challenger: Luke Cawthon

Luke checks the vents and doors every 2 seconds and kept away most of the robots and hybrids so far, but he can easily be gone in a flash. Exi moves up to the door, but is quickly shut out. Slicer runs to the door, but the door is quickly shut. Bracer is in the vent and about to the climb out, but is closed. The doors and vents are later being knocked on hard and has no waste letting up. Luke gets frightened and checks his power, 5% and 5 AM. He is happy that he is almost there, but scared that a little battery is left. Soon, everything went dead and a shadow grabs Luke and almost slices his neck off when........6 AM. The figure let's go and leaves, Luke has beaten the robots and survive to fight another day.


Attempted Killer: Bracer

My Opinion: Good Job!

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