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Mysteries that are shown in pages of FNAB. Comment down below about theories or thoughts you have! (Clues have been places in Buried and the latest teaser.

Shadow Company

The company the protagonists battle against in series 2. Because honestly, did you really think Bot Entertainment would create Subjects and mutated creatures like Phoebe or Jelly? After ???? has discovered the abandoned city, all of the robotics went rogue and vanished. There hasn't been a word from the Bot Entertainment since this occurrence, mostly likely killed.

The only thing that David and Ashley know is that Bracer is involved with Shadow Company, meaning that he is working for someone. It's almost guaranteed that Shadow Company isn't run by humans. They have managed to get Sharder to create weapons that can mutate normal animals like Bumper or The Kraken, or just basic guns.

Their main goal? Kill all humans who enter the city.


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