Just the Night 7 challenges for FNAF:Infected.

Silence in the Warehouse

All the animatronic AI's are 0,so you can easily survive this.The reward for this challenge is an Infected Freddy plushie.

Ting of Difficulty

Infected Freddy and Infected Bonnie's AI's are set to 1-2(Depends on if you survived challenge 1 or not).This is a teeny-weeny bit harder,as the animatronics move at 2.00 AM,not 3.00 AM.The reward is an Infected Bonnie plushie

Warehouse is Alive

The 3 main animatronics(Infctd.Freddy,Infctd.Bonnie & Infctd.Chica)AI's are set to 3,and the difficulty depends on your score on the second challenge.Anyways,this is a tinge harder than challenge No.2.Reward is an Infected Chica plush.

No Way!

All the animatronic AI's are set to 20,and they move at 1.00 AM.The animatronics want to get you,no matter what.Reward is Infected Foxy plush.

Pirate's Night

Infected Foxy and Infected Golden Foxy's AI's are at 18.Well,this is a HARD challenge!Reward is three infection stars.

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