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FNAF:Rebirth is a 2015 free-roam game based on the FNAF series.It is set in 1990 and is mostly focused on fights and exploring.

Soundtracks Edit

When battling Reborn Bonnie: Edit Bonnie Song Instrumental by Groundbreaking)

When battling Reborn Chica: Edit Chica Song Instrumental by Grounbreaking)

When battling Reborn Freddy: Edit Fazbear Instrumental by Groundbreaking)

When battling Reborn Foxy: Edit Foxy Song Instrumental by Groundbreaking)

When battling Reborn Golden Freddy: Edit Gold Instrumental by MandoPony

When battling Springtrap(Night 6 final battle): Edit Finale Instrumental by Groundbreaking)

Hiding Spot 1(Under bedcovers): Edit Potter theme by John Williams)

Hiding Spot 2(In bathroom): Edit wind howling sound effect I found online)

Hiding Spot 3(In cabinet under kitchen sink): Edit

Hiding Spot 4(In bathtub): Edit

Running: Edit

Flashlight: Edit



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