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The game is about Fnaf is a special edition.You are in Freddy Fun place.The page is not public.


Freddy Fazbear finnaly back now he activate night 2.

Bonnie the bunny also back.He activate night 2.

Chica too back.Now she activate night 2.

Springtrap jr. back but he still have big theeth but he friendly but in night not.He activate night 2.

Toy chica back so she activate night 2.

Fixed Golden freddy is back but golden freddy now have endoskeleton.He activate night 2.

Toy bonnie also back he activate night 2.

Golden lockjaw is also back.He activate night 3.

Balloon boy also back.He activate night 2.

Easter eggs

•If you get jumpscared by Toy bonnie on screen go to show eyelles bonnie for 1 minute.


•Doors(if animatronic the close the door)

•Light(Make see if animatronic not in your office)

•Cameras(here you can see where's animaronics)

•Ventillation(here animatronic come to you if animatronic there close the door)


•WOW(Get killed by Toy Bonnie)

•Night 2(Win night 2)

•DARK!!!!!!!!!(Complete all nights)


•Cam 2b(you not need phone call you can see on walls wallpapers)


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