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FNAF 4 PT 2 TB Is the second part of fnaf 4.


nightmare freddy and "fredlings"

Nightmare freddy and the fredlings are the main antagonists of the fnaf series nightmare freddy starts at the backyard, while the fredlings start at the living room, when you see the fredlings keeping your light out Wil eventually make them go away,like other animatronics to make nightmare freddy go away one way is to flash the light at a good time to make him sneak away,or if you here breathing go away.

nightmare bonnie and "bonlings"

There a antagonist of the game,nightmare bonnie starts at the attic while the bonlings start at the stairs,to get the bonlings away keep the light on them and to get nightmare bonnie away,when you hear his static,go away.

nightmare Chica and "chiclings"

There a antagonist of the game nightmare Chica starts at the kitchen while the chiclings start at the basement you do the exact same thing to get them away.

nightmare foxy and "foxlings"

There. A.antagonist of the game nightmare foxy starts at the hallway closet, while the foxlings start at the bed,you do the same thing to get them away like the last ones.


A antagonist of the game,Plushtrap starts at the kicthen, unlike the other. Animatronics you have to check him often, if you don't then he will run up to you, jumpscaring you.

Golden freddy

A antagonist of the game,he is from fnaf 2,he starts at the living room.

nightmare puppet

A antagonist,he starts at.the playroom.

nightmare BB

He starts at the bathroom

nightmare toy freddy


nightmare toy bonnie


nightmare toy Chica


nightmarE mangle






Easter eggs

  1. Plush nose: clicking or tapping the freddy plush's nose will make it honk,the same thing that happens in other fnaf games

Fun with plush man: sometimes on the end of night 3 you get to play a minigame called "fun with plush man"in it, it's exactly like fun with Plushtrap, but there's three plushies and you have to get them on the X without the timer running. Out, beating it lets you skip 2 hours on night 4.

Purple hat and tie: in the living room on the floor, sometimes a purple hat and tie can be seen.

Nightmare shadow freddy: sometimes in the living room, nightmare shadow freddy can be seen,looking at him to long, will make him fade away and crash your game.

Shadow BB: based off a popular theory,shadow BB can sometimes be seen next to the bed in the bedroom,once again, looking at him too long will make him disappear and crash your game.

More stuff coming soon...