FNAF 5:DLC is the DLC to FNAF 5:Rise of Shane.It is set in the year 2011,in a closed,ruined version of Fazbear's Pizza Horror.It is a free-roam game.It was published on 2 April 2016,as an extras menu addition to FNAF 5.


1 year after the events of FNAF 5,Fazbear's Pizza Horror was forced to close down due to low budget.The night guard,Jason McRoy,stayed in the building,and now has to survive another five nights with the animatronics.


Withered Toy Freddy-The withered version of Toy Freddy.Behaves like a mix between FNAF 2's Toy Freddy and Phantom Freddy.His pattern goes like this:Stage-Party Hall 2-Main Hall-Left Hall-Office.The only way to stop him is equip the Shane mask.

Withered Toy Bonnie-The withered version of Toy Bonnie.Behaves like FNAF 1's Bonnie.Pattern goes like this:Stage-Dining Hall-Party Hall 1 & 3-Main Hall-Left Vent-Office.The way to stop him is to hide behind a shutter.

Withered Toy Chica-The withered version of Toy Chica.Behaves like Phantom Chica.Pattern goes like this:Stage-Dining Hall-Party Hall 4-Right Vent-Office.Way to stop her is to hide behind a shutter or equip the Shane mask.

Withered Mangle-The withered version of Mangle.Behaves like Phantom Mangle.Pattern is:Party Hall 3-Party Hall 1-Main Hall.You don't need to worry about stopping her as she doesn't jumpscare you.

Withered Springtrap-The withered version of Springtrap.Behaves like normal Springtrap.Pattern goes:Storage-Dining Hall-Party Hall 4-Left Vent-Office-Right Vent(if stopped)The only way to stop him is turn off your flashlight.

[More will be added soon.These are the current ones]


Flashlight-An essential.Flash it to see your way ahead and you can keep it on for as long as you want.Turn off to stop Withered Springtrap.

Cameras-Another essential.Check them to find animatronics if your flashlight is off.

Shutters-Small,wooden cupboards with a door with ridges in it.Hide in these to stop Withered Toy Chica and Withered Toy Bonnie.

Shane mask-A hollowed out head of the animatronic Shane.Use it to keep away Withered Toy Freddy.

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