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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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The Murders
  • Fredbear's closed
  • FNAF Phone Guy's shift
  • Mike Schmidt's shift
  • Mike is fired
  • GTF is built
  • FNAF2 Jeremy's shift
  • Withered Jack is built and destroyed-3 year span
  • WJ and GTF die-2 years apart
  • WJ and GTF are rebuilt-Fazbear's Fright opens
  • Aidan's shift (Working there right now)
  • Freddy's reopened
  • Stella the cat (a friend's character) and Diamond Foxy (Bunny's character) are built.
  • The Diamond Crew is formed-Stella (singer), DF (electric violinist / leader), GTF ( lead banjo-ist).
  • The rest of the series starts

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