FNAF Universe is a game where you play as your favorite official and unofficial FNAF characters. Play in a giant Sandbox and do many things. To get characters, you tap them on a base like Amiibo or Skylanders or something. Once you do that you unlock that character, and can even unlock a new World! If you wish to have a character of yours in the game, go to User MarioVsSonicFan's Message Wall and tell him the characters the set would come with, and it's up to you to include a stage or not. You can only have up to 2 Characters in one set. Here is a link


Official FNAF Character sets

Starter Pack (comes with game): Freddy, Bonnie and Chica

Fox Pack: Foxy and Mangle

Memories Pack: Golden Freddy and Springtrap

Unoffical Character Sets

MVSF Pack: Cronic and Clash

Kingdoms Pack: King Freddy and Phobe


Starter Pack: FNAF1 World

Memories Pack: FNAF3 World

Core Pack: Crystal Core World

Kingdoms Pack: Robot Kingdom World and Animatronic Kingdom World

Info of Worlds

You are in one place at the start of the game called The Hub but when you place Down a Character that comes with a World in their Set. You Can Place it wherever you please and create whatever you please on it. It's like Minecraft in a way.


Party Puncher

To unlock the Party Puncher, you must tap down Freddy, Bonnie and/or Chica to unlock it. Any character is aloud to use this as it is a pair of Boxing Glove. When you hit someone or something, there will noise that is the same from when you press Freddy's nose in the official games. BOOP, BOOP, BOOP!

Dragon Katana

To unlock this weapon, you must place King Freddy down for the first time and you may use it. It is a decently powerful melee weapon.


Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Mangle, Golden Freddy and Springtrap belongs to

Cronic and Clash belongs to MarioVsSonicFan

King Freddy belongs to Your friendly neighborhood Spy

Phobe belongs to TheVinnyLord


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