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FNAF World: Battle World is a dual game with FNAF World: The Return to Animatronica. It's a fighting game very similar to Super Smash Bros, but with different rules.


Animatronica is having a fighting tournament ran by Animdude and a majority of the animatronics join. Animdude faces the final challenger at the end of the tournament.


The game plays very similarly to Super Smash Bros. However, instead of racking up damage to knock the enemies off the stage, you must lower their health all the way to 0. Every character starts with 200HP and can be healed by cupcake items that appear.

Starter Characters

Icon Name Weight Class Attacks Special Attacks
2220 Freddy Fazbear Mediumweight Freddy usually hits using his microphone. His down attack is a sweepkick. Normally Freddy will throw a microphone as an attack. If you hold side, he'll throw a Pizza Wheel. If you use it upwards, Freddy will ride a pizza upwards.
2222 Bonnie Mediumweight Bonnie usually punches and kicks. His side and down attacks are kicks, and his up attack is him pushing up his guitar. Bonnie will play on his guitar, which sends a note flying out. If you hold side, he'll wield his guitar with one hand and spin it around as a constant hitting attack. If you use it upwards, he'll use his guitar to jump upwards.
2366 Chica Mediumweight Chica, without input, will attack with a punch. On her side, down and up attack she uses her cupcake shoving it ahead. Without input, Chica will pop a party popper as an attack. But if you hold side, she'll throw her cupcake like a boomerang. If you hold upwards, Chica will flap her arms and jump upwards high up.
2369 Foxy Lightweight Foxy slashes with his hook regularly, not anything else other than a kick for his down attack. Foxy, in a side special, charge up a slash. The longer you charge the stronger it is. If you use it without input, he'll scream which'll make a little shockwave, which'll stun enemies for a little bit. If you hold up, he'll slash his hook upwards, making a small jump.
3015 Endo-01 Lightweight Endo-01 punches normally, but uses his hand for his side attack. Endo-01's standard special will be him throwing a Freddy/Bonnie/Chica head. His side special will be an arm cannon with two quick shots. His up special will be him shooting at the ground, making him fly upwards and a projectile will go towards the ground.
2864 Mangle Heavyweight Mangle uses their various limbs as attacks. They jam their heads upwards for an up attack. Mangle, on a side special, will throw poppers at the enemies, which will explode upon intact of anything (including the floors/walls). Their standard special will be the same as Foxy's. Their up special will be a fling upwards, and if they hits a ceiling, they'll stick on and fall off upon input.
2219 BB Lightweight BB does regular punches, but uses a balloon as a up attack. His down attack is him sweeping with his hand. BB will throw balloons as a standard special. The balloons float upwards, too. If he does a side special, he'll throw a Munchie out, which'll stay there for 12 seconds. If he does an up special, he'll fly upwards with his balloon.
2885 JJ Lightweight JJ uses BB's attacks, with the exception of the balloon. JJ has the same specials as BB. However, JJ's standard special balloons go upwards later than BB's, and her up special spawns a balloon out of nowhere. However, her side special is the same as Mangle's.

Unlockable Characters

Icon Name Weight Class Attacks Special Attacks Unlock Method
3008 Golden Freddy Heavyweight Golden Freddy has the same attacks as Freddy. Golden Freddy has the same specials as Freddy. However, his up special is different. Instead, he'll teleport upwards. Beat Classic Mode 5 times.
2918 Puppet Lightweight (Lightest) Puppet usually consists of attacking with its arms. Puppet's netural special is a prize box projectile. Their side special is a lunge with very long knockback. Their up special is strings pulling them upwards. Beat Classic Mode as BB, JJ or Golden Freddy.
3016 Endo-02 Heavyweight Endo-02 has the same attacks as Endo-01. Endo-02 has the same specials as Endo-01, except his netural special is a Neon Wall shield. Beat Classic Mode as Endo-01.
3020 Shadow Bonnie Mediumweight Shadow Bonnie's limbs seem to detatch for attacks, making incredible range. Shadow Bonnie's netural special is Mimic Ball. Shadow Bonnie's attack power is doubled for the remainder of it being up. Mimic Ball will disappear in 10 seconds or can be destroyed. Their side special is Haunting, where a ghost Freddy acts as a projectile. Their up special is a simple teleport upwards. Get all the unlockables (except Shadow Bonnie)
3019 Springtrap Heavyweight Springtrap has punches and kicks for attacks. He'll scream for a side attack. Springtrap's netural special is a fire ball. His side special is him opening his mouth and two parts of toxic goop coming out, which slows down enemies. They disappear in 3 seconds. His up special is him lunging upwards. Beat Classic Mode 20 times.
3007 Phantom Puppet Mediumweight Phantom Puppet has the same attacks as Puppet. Phantom Puppet has the same specials as Puppet. However it's side special is their head enlarging for a second as a strong attack. Beat Classic Mode as Puppet 5 times.
3023 Nightmare Fredbear Heavyweight (Heaviest) (Slowest) Nightmare Fredbear's attacks usually consist of scratches and kicks. Nightmare Fredbear's netural special is a massive chomp that deals loads of damage, yet it has a lot of ending lag. His side special is a loud scream that sends enemies backwards. His up special is him riding ontop of Bad Pizza going upwards. Beat Classic Mode as Golden Freddy 5 times.
3017 Plushtrap Lightweight (Fastest) Plushtrap's attacks usually consists of bites and scratches. Plushtrap's netural special is similar to Nightmare Fredbear's, but it's quicker to charge up, deals less damage and less knockback with less ending lag. His side special is the same as Springtrap's, and his up special is the same as Nightmare Fredbear's. Beat Classic Mode 30 times.
3025 Fredbear Mediumweight Fredbear has the same attacks as Freddy. Fredbear's netural special is Mimic Ball, the same as Shadow Bonnie. Fredbear's side special is a charged up bite, that has the same properties of Nightmare Fredbear's but with a red effect instead of green. His up special is the same as Nightmare Fredbear's, but the pizza is a Pizza Wheel. Beat Classic Mode as every character.


Icon Name Home Stage to... Features
2579 Choppy's Woods Freddy, Bonnie, Fredbear, A simple flat stage with logs for platforms.
Dusting Fields Chica, Mangle, Endo-01, BB, JJ, Puppet A simple icy stage. Sometimes a Chillax will appear that'll harm players.
Blacktomb Yard Foxy, Golden Freddy, Springtrap, Phantom Puppet A stage with a whole lot of gravestones. Prototypes can be seen in the background slowly walking by.
Original Office Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, Endo-01 A simple stage of the FNAF1 Office Desk with some blocks to jump on. There's even a cupcake to the right.
Pinwheel Circus Endo-02, Shadow Bonnie, Nightmare Fredbear, Plushtrap A stage that features two tents that can teleport players. It also features three levitating platforms. Must be unlocked by having Endo-02.
Toy Office Mangle, BB, JJ, Puppet, Endo-02 The FNAF2 Office Desk. Many animatronics can be seen in the background when the flashlight lights up the dark hall.
Don't Open the Door (Halloween World) Fredbear, Nightmare Fredbear, Plushtrap A desolate stage with nothing interesting except some dead trees in the background. Must be unlocked by having Nightmare Fredbear or Plushtrap.
Fright Office Springtrap, Phantom Puppet, Shadow Bonnie The FNAF3 Office Desk. Very flat.