FNAF World 2: The 4th Wall is a sequel to Scottgames Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off, FNAF World.


3 months after the advents of FNAF World, things where looking relatively normal in Fazbear Hills. However, recently, Fredbear made a strange discovery: after the Animatronics defeated Scott, a barrier known as The 4th Wall was cracked open a bit. The wall was meant to separate FNAF World and other worlds, so a bunch of things from other worlds escaped into Fazbear Hills. So once again, it's up to Freddy and his crew to fix The 4th Wall and save there world.


Being a sequel to FNAF World, the gameplay is similar to it. However, there are new mechanics thrown into the mix, like:

  • A new item bar, where you can store and use items during a fight. You can hold up to 3 at a time and can only be used once per battle.
  • Specific matchups, like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy give you a boost in fights. You can find more match-ups here.
  • Every character has 4 attacks instead of 3. Every returning character now has a 4th attack. You can see a list of Attacks here.
  • In order to access more locations, you must collect a peice of the 4th Wall and take it to Fredbear. After doing so, a new area is unlocked.


In FNAF World 2, you start out with 8 characters. As you level up, you can unlock more. You can also unlock some by beating Mini Games. There are 64 characters in all. For more info, see FNAF World 2: The 4th Wall/Characters.

Enemies and Bosses

For more info, see FNAF World 2: The 4th Wall/Enemies and Bosses.


In some locations, you will find some vendors waiting. They will then try to sell you items. They include:

  • Cupcake: Heals a selected Teammate.
  • Guitar: Boosts a Teammates power.
  • Freddy Plush: Boosts a Teammates defense.
  • Poison: Deals repeated damage on a enemy.
  • Fan: Blocks a single attack.
  • TBA


For more info, see FNAF World 2: The 4th Wall/Locations

Mini games

In Fazbear Hills, an arcade can be found. Turns out, after he was defeated, Scott became the owner of his own Arcade. You can play different kinds of Mini Games here.

  • FNAF 58: Poopets in space: Play as Freddy in a Spaceship and shoot down those nasty Poopets before they take over the world!
  • Foxy Fighters Zero: Play as either Foxy, JJ, Nightmare Chica, Toy Chica, or Funtime Foxy as you shoot down bad guys and take on the Rage Quitter!
  • Mangle.EXE: Play as Mangle as you get totally scared by the spoopy jumpscares and other things!
  • TBA


  • TBA