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This is a list of Characters in FNAF World 2: The 4th Wall.


  • Freddy Fazbear: "Creeping around..."
  • Bonnie: "Pump it up!"
  • Chica: "Lets eat!"
  • Foxy: "Gotta go fast!"
  • Toy Freddy: "New and Shiny"
  • Toy Bonnie: "Something new..."
  • Toy Chica: "Lets party!"
  • Mangle: "He? She? It? Who knows?"


  • Withered Freddy: "A bit broke"
  • Withered Bonnie: "Something old..."
  • Withered Chica: "Holy Cupcakes!"
  • Withered Foxy: "YAAAARG!!!"
  • Balloon Boy: "Everyone loves him!"
  • The Puppet: "Give gifts, give life"
  • Endo 1: "Inside out"
  • Endo 2: "Clunky but useful"
  • JJ: "Yay, more BB's"
  • Paperpals: "OK, odd decision"
  • Gold Freddy: "It's me."
  • Withered Gold Freddy: "It's still me."
  • Shadow Bonnie: "Real name is hard"
  • Purple Freddy: "Follow me, please"
  • Night Guard: "Stay calm, stay calm"
  • Phone Guy: "Hello? Hello?"
  • Sparky the Dog: "Not real, but here"
  • Purple Guy: "Why Purple, though?"
  • Springtrap: "This hurts...a lot"
  • Phantom Freddy: "Where's my leg?!"
  • Phantom Foxy: "Screw Physics!"
  • Phantom Chica: "Still not a watermelon!"
  • Phantom BB: "We needed more, right?"
  • Phantom Puppet: "Out of the box"
  • Phantom Mangle: "It's a yes, I think"
  • 8-bit Freddy: "H E L P M E"
  • Crying Child: "Feel sad, yet?"
  • Nightmare Freddy: "Boo!"
  • Nightmare Bonnie: "Big, bad, and ugly"
  • Nightmare Chica: "Sandwich, anyone?"
  • Nightmare Foxy: "I'm never coming out!"
  • Plushtrap: "The point is...?"
  • Fredbear plush: "Who you gonna call?"
  • Nightmare Fredbear: "Chomping away"
  • Nightmare: "Edgy much?"
  • Cupcake: "Aww, so cute!"
  • Nightmare Cupcake: "OK, not cute!"
  • Nightmare BB: "Really, Scott?"
  • Nightmare Puppet: "How does one spell?"
  • Nightmare Mangle: "About time!"
  • Jack-o Chica: "Now Glow-in-the-dark!"
  • Jack-o Bonnie: "We don't bite..."
  • Fredbear: "Where it all started"
  • Spring Bonnie: "Gosh darn it, Scott!"
  • Funtime Freddy: "Coming soon"
  • Funtime Foxy: "Kids are still cruel..."
  • Ballora: "Open your eyes!"
  • Baby: "Take a seat"
  • Enard: "Inside every body"
  • Scott: "Don't you dare pause!"
  • Chipper: "The TRUE original"
  • Coffee-pot: "What the-?"
  • Kid of 87: "Or was it 83?"
  • No pause: "Would kill for a break"
  • Rage quitter: "U MAD BRO?"
  • Real Freddy: "Not so cute now..."
  • Real Gold Freddy: "He crashed"
  • Security: "Not the other guy"


  • Dee Dee
  • Mendo
  • Lobit
  • Fred-boy
  • Virtual Freddy
  • Animedude

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