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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Ok, look. this may all seem fake. It's like i'm begging for someone to notice me. but i swear what i saw was real. If it was not...then maybe i'm crazy, i don't know. and i have a witness. My bro, Max (not real name.) and i have seen this with my bare eyes. So, here it is.

It began one day. me and max where looking around the internet for cool crud when we came across a really cool website called "FNaF everywhere.", where we could play FNAF and FNAF fan games every day! We both came back to this website to play some fan games, mostly FNAC and ONAF. However, just the other day, they put FNAF world on the website. At first, we did not play it, mostly cause we have the real thing on our family computer. But then we thought, "eh, why not?" so we clicked on the game, put it on fullscreen, and began our adventure, or so i thought....

It all began when the game booted up. There was static where that thing with the yellow eyes talked. At first, we thought this was part of the game. But then max pointed out that his text was not the same from the one we saw on screenshots. He said something like this:

You spoiled brats. Why can't scott have his peace? He worked so hard on the game, and you all treated it like trash. Anything he does, you all criticize him. He has a family, you know. Two kids, and a newborn baby. He is a busy man, you spoiled brats.

That's when i realized, the static was real. It started to cover the screen. Then, it just stopped, and there was the title screen. Or, actually, no title screen. It was just those yellow eyes, with text that said FNAF world. At first, i didn't dare press anything. This was turning out like one of those creppypasta things, and i did not want to die. But, finally, i pressed the enter key, and, to my surprise, the game suddenly acted normal. The character party maker was normal, except that everyone was unlocked. I selected my party, which was RXQ, Endo 2, Chica, and Nightmare, and started. But then, for a split second, i saw every party member get yellow eyes, then...

Don't think it's all over, _____ and max.

WTF?!?! Me and Max's names were not on our PC! In fact, our computer names are ttuBttuB and funkykong222. At this point, i tried to press ESC. But when i did, it just displayed YOU CAN'T. Then Max started pressing the power off button, But YOU CAN'T still displayed. Then we unplugged the PC...and it was still running. At this point, i was in a panic. But Max was relatively calm. That's when me and Max realized we where in the graveyard place. I cheeked the party, and instead of the normal party we selected, it was just Freddy. So we, or rather, I, started walking around, looking around the area, when we saw a purple tent. When we walked in, we saw a sight to behold: adventure animatronics, torn to bits all over the place. Everytime we walked up to one of the destroyed animatronics, this popped up-

Look what you have done.

The most creepiest was Mangle, who was hanging. It was not a copy and paste, either. It was a completely new, original sprite. Ok, now I was scared. So we just headed strait up. But as we progressed farther up, the static returned, even worse. Now we could barely see anything. Soon, it covered the screen, and thats when Max, who was relatively calm up until now, started shaking. I soon saw what he was looking at: the two yellow eyes. Somehow, it seemed that it was on top of the static, as it was clear to see. Then, once again, it started talking:

So, how do you like what scott's done to the place?

Then i realized i could "talk back", so i entered the fallowing:

What did you do?

Me? Why even if i tried, i could not masterplan this.

So you did not do this?

No. Think about it. It was the other puppet master.



But Scott is-

Scott is borred of his "fans." He wants to rid of these things he once knew as a game. He wants it dead.

Wow, deep.

Now, tell me. have you ever complained to Scott? Threaten him? Ask him questions about FNAF?

No, no, and I think he has better things to do then write back the key to FNAF.

Good. Has your friend?


Good. Then you two are good. Everyone else, however, never learns. They push Scott to the edge of insanity. They all never learn.

How do you feel about this?

I'llshow you kid.

Then he played the bite of 87 minigame from FNAF 4.

I want that to happen to all that bother Scott.

Confused, i put my final question:

What do you plan on doing?

You'll see :)

Then the game shuts down.

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