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So fnas is a project I'm working on and you can leave suggestions for funny shorts and also leave the characters so I know who you want me to use for them

No pants

so I got inspiration from a funny Sonic picture and here it goes

Aleck Brovoski:Hey Dracus Dominick isn't wearing any pants

Dracus:neither of us are

Human Dominick:I'm too sexy for my pants to sexy for my pants

So that's the first one and leave suggestions and I might create em

Ps:they're wearing brief


Human Dominick:I need more candy

Dracus:no more candy

*dominick puts on a yellow wig thats spiked*

Dominick:I NEED MORE


Dracus:I WILL NEVER LET GO *Dracus punches Dominick*CALM DOWN JASON

Dominick:OW my name is not Jason

Dracus:CALM DOWN *Dracus punches once more*

Dominick:ok ok *Dominick takes off the wig* im calm

*Dracus punches again*Dracus:DONT TALK BACK JASON

Dominick:ow ok ok I'm calm I'm calm

  • Dracus keeps on hitting Dominick and throwing rocks at him*

So yeah thanks wikia contributer for that submission

Third Short

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