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Your mother wakes you up at 12 PM, noon. She tells you to get a job, as you haven't been making any money for quite a while now. You groggily get up off of the bed and go find a newspaper. You look in the wanted ads and find one job. An ad for becoming a Nightguard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It seems to be minimum wage, but it is better than nothing.

You go to the somewhat shady pizzeria and apply for the job. Oddly, the manager doesn't take an interview and just gives you the job. You start Monday, he tells you. As that day rolls around, you curse yourself. You had seen a help wanted poster on a more respectable establishment a while back.

"Oh well," you say as you open the door with your keys and go to the office in the back of the building. You see two doors, a depressingly stained celebrate poster, and a laptop hooked up to the cameras. The phone rings, what do you?

Ignore it.

Pick it up.

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