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You decide to check the security cameras. You check the showstage, to find the rabbit character, Bonnie, has left the stage. You panic, not knowing what could have happened. You quickly check every camera there is, only to find Bonie staring at the camera in the back room.

Why would he be looking so intently, so closely, and so intimidatingly into the camera. It was almost as if he knew you were looking at him on the other side. You started to have a hard time breathing. What could this mean? You decide it is probably normal behavior, and perhaps the animatronics see cameras as face for some odd reason.

You check the stage again, relieved to see the chicken, Chica, and Freddy Fazbear himself. Suddenly, the camera feed turns totally black, with a glitchy sound emanating from the screen. What do you do?

Put down the monitor, it isn't of use as a black screen.

Wait for the camera glitch to hopefully stop.

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