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FNaF Kingdom is an RPG and a parody of the Fire Emblem games.


When you start the game, you spawn in the middle of a field. After walking around and picking up a Microphone, two "Endo Bandits" attack you. Because you are under-leveled, they kick your butt. Luckily, Bonnie the Knight comes in and protects you.

After Bonnie takes care of the Bandits, he says that you have quite the potential to become a good fighter, so he teaches you the basics. After that, he takes you to see King Freddy, who is the king (duh) and Bonnies best friend. Then he asks for your name.



Because the game is a spoof of the Fire Emblem games, the gameplay is very similar. However, by pressing the action button at the right moment while being attacked, you can avoid or block the attack. Sometimes, you can even counter attack, though this is very rare.


Throughout the game, you can recruit other's to be in your army. In order to so, you must either:

  • Defeat them in combat
  • Complete a side-quest for them
  • Just plain ask them.

If you succeed to do one of the three, they will join your army. You can have up to 17 Teammates.

To see the list of Teammates, click here.










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