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It's like One Night of Everything but FNaF World! - TonicHedgefox

FNaF World: Source is a easily able to edit version of FNaF World.


FNaF World: Source plays completely like FNaF World, with everything already 100% completed, with no bosses. All bosses can be found in the new Boss world. There's new characters and locations.


There's more characters than the already existing characters. You can play as characters, or look at new shopkeepers.

Evil Freddy

Evil Freddy
Evil Freddy is a playable character within the game, who is a red recolour of Freddy with no eyes with red pupils. He doesn't have his original blue hat and eyebrows. He can be unlocked in Fanon Plains. His attacks are:
  • Mic Toss
  • Pizza Wheel
  • Mega Bite


Seth is one of the playable animatronics in the game, He has his original look to him but smaller. His eyes are now oval, facing upwards and glowing. He is one of the default playables. His attacks are:      
Mini Sethster
  • Pizza Wheel
  • Jumpscare
  • Toxic Bite 2

Bear the Freddy


Bear the Freddy is a shopkeeper who sells glitched items. He has no attacks, but will sometimes teleport his shop.


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Michael is an animatronic from Several Nights at Fierce's. He is often encountered in Fanon Hills. He is shorter and a lot less realistic. He is a pretty strong character through his attacks get outclassed by other characters after a while. He takes off his head in his attack animation, revealing his endoskeleton head. He can use:
  • Jumpscare
  • Unscrew
  • Eye Beam


There's now more places.

Fanon Hills

Fanon Hills is a location with grey grass and grey trees. Lolbit can be found here.

Haunted Plains

Haunted Plains is a field that has grey trees with no leaves and several enemies involving Ghosts, Zombies and rusted animatronics. A boss can also be fought here (Pickaboo).