• Owner
  • British Phoneguy
  • Scott Smith (The NG you play as in FNaG 1)
  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Golden Kirby

Chapter 1: The Opening

  • Owner: So, how do you think about this establishment?
  • British Phoneguy: Hmm... Really interesting, I will go and have it approved *leaves room*
  • Owner: This is the best idea ever, an establishment with kids' favorite characters. Everyone loves Kirby! Every kid loves Kirby, this will be great with the kids.
  • British Phoneguy: *comes back in room* I'm Back!
  • Owner: Good! did you get the approval?
  • British Phoneguy: Yes
  • Owner: Great!

Chapter 2: Kirby and Friends Unite

  • Kirby: Huh? Where are we?
  • King Dedede: Ugh, judging on the boring kids pictures, and the arcade area over there. We're in...
  • Kirby: Hurry up! I'm getting bored
  • King Dedede: Fine! We're in a kids' restaurant.
  • Meta Knight: What?! Why are we here?
  • Kirby: Probably for *gulp* the kids.
  • Meta Knight: Ugh, kids. Hey, where is Waddle Doo?
  • King Dedede: and Waddle Dee?
  • Kirby: Maybe they're in there. *points to the Wonder World covers*
  • Meta Knight: Let's check it out.

Chapter 3: Into Wonder World

*Kirby and crew open the Wonder World covers*

  • Waddle Doo+Waddle Dee: Hi guys!
  • Kirby: WHOAH! This place is nice!
  • Waddle Doo: Come play some arcade games
  • Meta Knight: No thanks
  • Waddle Dee: But they work! And are really fun!
  • King Dedede: Ok fine *starts playing arcade game* Hey! These aren't that bad, he isn't lying!

*Kirby and Meta Knight start playing*

  • Kirby: Wow, these are fun!
  • Meta Knight: I regret denying that offer before.

Chapter 4: The Kids Arrive

Day 2 of the grand opening of Kirby's Game House and Pizza

  • Owner: Let the children come in! *opens doors*
  • Kirby: *hears footsteps* Did you hear that?
  • Waddle Doo: What?
  • Kirby: it sounds like...
  • King Dedede: Children
  • Kirby: Exactly. Everyone, go back to where we started in this place! They might think we're not here if we stay in here
  • Everyone: *moves back to spots*

Chapter 5: The New Night Guard

  • Scott Smith: First day on the job! I wonder how this job will be.

*Phone Rings*

  • British Phoneguy: Hello? Hello? __________________________blablabla, this job blablabla you probably should read the original FNaG article so you get all the phonecalls. *hangs up*
  • Scott Smith: Hmm... this job sounds interesting. *chuckles* Maybe that's why I chose this job instead of everything else.
  • Meta Knight: Hey, look at that. *points to a camera*
  • Kirby: I wonder what that's for.
  • Meta Knight: Are we being watched?

*Camera moves*

  • King Dedede: Yep, we're being watched.
  • Kirby: I hate being watched
  • Meta Knight: Where's the person watching these?
  • Waddle Dee: I don't know
  • Waddle Doo: Maybe...
  • Waddle Dee: Maybe... It's a security guard
  • Kirby: I hate security guards.
  • King Dedede: Maybe we should go and see why he's there...

Chapter 6: A Mysterious Dissapearance

  • Owner: I just realized something, I thought of this establishment a few days before that weird 'Mysterious Dissapearance'.
  • British Phoneguy: Does that mean you...
  • Owner: No, but I feel that someone may have been acting quite sketchy. We'd best ask our employees if they know anything about it

Chapter 7: G a m E O v E R

  • Scott Smith: Wow, this job is rather fun for me to do. Make sure no one suspicious is in the building.
  •  ???: They Know
  • Scott Smith: *Slight flinch* What the heck was that?
  •  ???: Over Here
  • Scott Smith: *Sees a yellowish version of Kirby* W-Who are you??
  • Golden Kirby: I Prefer To Be Called Golden Kirby, But Only My Closest Friends Call Me Other Names
  • Scott Smith: Ok, now what were you talking about 'They Know'?
  • Golden Kirby: They Know About It, And I Know You Know Too.
  • Scott Smith: I know about what?
  • Golden Kirby: *vanishes*

G a m E O v E R  ?

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