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This is the story on how FRED was scrapped, and locked away.

Part One: Fun and Games

Narrator: Alrighty, kids! Who's ready to see their best friends? I'm sure I am! Now, let's get this party started! Oh Fredbear!

Fredbear: Hahaha! Hi kids! Welcome to Fredbear's Family Diner! Hosted by your's truly!

Spring Bonnie (Or Golden Bonnie as I call him.): Don't forget about me, Bonnie! I have my guitar ready and I'm ready to rock!

Fredbear: I'm sure you are, buddy! Now let's get our band ready!

Golden Bonnie: Yeah!

Fredbear: Wait a second..I think we are missing someone!

Golden Bonnie: we aren't! 

Fredbear: Don't be silly, Bonnie! Of course we are! I wonder who we are missing?

Golden Bonnie: Uh..Oh yeah! We are missing someone! It's your microphone! Yeah!

Fredbear: Actually, I have it right here! And I'm not talking about objects, silly! I'm talking about a person! I wonder who could it be...

Golden Bonnie: Ugh....Alright...Kids, do you know who we're missing?

Audience: Fred!!

Fredbear: You're right kids! He is missing! We need to call him out here! Fred!

(No response.)

Fredbear: Hm..I guess he didn't hear me well! I might need all of your help! Now lets call him together!

Audience and Fredbear: Fred!

(Still No response.)

Fredbear: One last time, kids! This time nicely and loud! So we can finally get him out here! On three! One..Two...Three!

Audience and Fredbear: (Louder.) Oh Fred!

Fred: Haha! Howdy kids! Sorry I'm late! Now who is ready to get the party starting?

Fredbear: Yeah! Now the gang is all here! We can finally start!

Golden Bonnie: Woh hoh...

Fred: Aw! Don't be like that, buddy! We're all the stars of the party! Right, Fredbear?

Fredbear: Yep!

Golden Bonnie: Alright! I guess you're right! Lets get the band rocking!

Fredbear: Alrighty! On the count of three! One..

Golden Bonnie: Two..

Fred: Three- (Starts malfuctoning.) EEE-E--E-E-E---E-EE Hi-hi-hi kids! I'ts yo-o-our old pa-a-al Fred-Fred-Fred-FRED here! I can-t wait to-o-o star-t-t-t (TOURTURING ALL THESE BRATS.)! Now! Let's g-g-g-et the Party sta-a-a-art-arting!

(Fredbear and Golden Bonnie starts singing the song, while Fred Deactivated.)

Part Two: Trouble Starts


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