"He was one of the nicer ones I reactivated. I met him, he instantly just bowed right in front of me. Real gentleman.." -Valerie

Faceless Sam is an animatronic orange bunny, created as a precursor to Bonnie in Fredbear's Family Diner circa 1976. He wears a small brown hat on top of his head, in addition to a black bowtie, buttons, & green eyes.


An engineer at Fredbear's decided to give him a sidekick, whose prototype name was Sam. Work began in 1977, and the animatronic was completed a year later. He was put into service, but he was scrapped in favor of Bonnie. As such, he was left in the backroom, and he had his face removed to remodel it into the bunny's.

Faceless was lost, a long time ago, but around 2026, he was found by Evanna Valentine buried in the ground, in part of a recovery effort for animatronics, as part of a contract with the Cutting Crew. He, wanting to help those who saved him, fought alongside the CC in Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow.

From there, he went missing, never to be seen again. It was widely believed The Manifestation infected him when they attacked the CC Castle in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


Before he went missing, Sam was known as a role model animatronic; Very calm, amiable animatronic that often was mellow and sweet when talking. In the face of danger, he was a courageous follower that helped fight against enemies, such as Rainbow Man.


  • Pom- Sam and Pom met when Ylviere brought the two together for a show; They both like being around each other, and even a slight love interest can be seen between them(Note: This is not confirmed, however).


Sam is never really seen on camera in the games, but he is in jumpscares. In a modded version of FNAF2, Sam can be found in duel jumpscare with Withered Bonnie, where he is seen throwing you up in the air, with Withered Bonnie catching you and appearing to snap your neck.


  • His duel jumpscare actually reveals the Office has a very high roof, one high enough for Jeremy/Fritz to be thrown 6 feet in the air. The roof is also revealed to have unknown stains on it, possibly blood or pizza sauce.
  • Sam is very calm about his lack of face, and even jokes about it constantly.
  • A concept for Sam was called Fazio Fredman, but the name was used for someone took the name before the creator could use it. He was to debut in Five Nights At The Inventory.
  • Evidence of Sam's Manifesting can be found at the end of a mission in Cutting Crew: Legacy: A hat can be obtained in a mission, serving no purpose. It's widely presumed this is Sam's hat, what's left of him.

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