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In the year of 2056 A.D where books are forbidden and television was the medium for entertainment, the restablished Fazbear Entertainment decided to get a good relationship with the police department by creating an animatronic to comply with these new laws. The animatronic could not be intimidating, as intimidation in children would cause children to not surrender their books. So, a kid-friendly feline design was settled on. They decided to have their animatronic place books in a backroom, where the books would be burnt. Fazbear Entertainment decided on the name "Fahrenheit", an obvious reference to fire. When Farenheit was first introduced, parents loved the animatronic as it would teach kids about laws.


Strangely, despite dawning two rosy cheeks, Fahrenheit is not a toy animatronic, as she is not made of plastic, instead, she is made of fabric. Fahrenheit's head has a blue construction hat with a plus sign on it. She has two whiskers on her black snout, and a large white ribbon on her neck. Fahrenheit is equipped with a black and red striped pocketbook which is used to store any confiscated books before they are burnt.

On special occasions, Fahrenheit ditches the blue helmet for a wizard hat with a blue and white striped pattern. Fazbear Entertainment has reported that the change in headgear was not intentional at all. The company theorizes it could be a reference to an animatronic that lived long ago, perhaps the animatronic they created somehow has relations to whatever animatronic dawned the wizard hat.


Fahrenheit, during the day, is calm and collected. Whenever she spots a child reading a book, she will calmly approach the child and explain the dangers of reading books. She warns the child if they continue the horrible habit of reading, they will end up in prison. Fahrenheit then places the book in her pouch, gives the child a piece of cake, and leaves. During the night, Fahrenheit does not want to stuff the guard in a suit. If the guard fails to properly monitor Fahrenheit on the cameras, Fahrenheit will enter the office and steal the guards monitor, and burn it, leaving the guard extremely vulnerable. She will laugh as this is done. On later nights, when the monitor is burned, she quickly leaves the office as  fatal ventilation error occurs, leaving the guard to die.


"Books are a no-no, little boy/girl! Since you are so young, I am going to simply confiscate your book and give you a piece of cake. However, if you continue reading books when you get big, you will be put in jail! Got it?"

"The firegirl is here!"

"Oh no! A fire started! I wonder how that happened, heh, heh... I guess I better leave this office. Good luck with the fire, heh!"

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