Faith is the main antagonist in Five Nights at The New Fredbears, the Toy version of Fredbear


She's an humanoid animatronic, meant to be a Toy version of Fredbear. She is blond,has bear ears,turquoise eyes.

Faith wears a purple top hat with a yellow tie, a purple tie, a light brown vest with a light pink shirt below, a purple skirt with a little apron and black sneakers with lillac socks.


As the "leader" of the restaurant, she has a really strong personality,but at the same time a friendly figure for children. At day she is very garrulous and when isn't singing, is playing with the children or dancing with them.

But at night, she gets darker aspect.Initially, she gets really quiet,almost making no sound, but sometimes you can hear she singing the Toreador March or other songs. When she gets very close to you, she will start to stare the camera, with her sclera all black.

Seeing some minigames,you can notice that her soul was really similar to her in the aspect of personality, but a bit more angry.


When alive, Ammy (her soul), come some few times to the new restaurant. In her last visit, she saw a little group of kids secretly going to a strange room and she decide to go investigate. At the moment that she came in, she was attacked by White, and in consequence of this, she ended being murdered.

After this, her soul was locked in Faith, wanting revenge against her killer.


At the two first nights, she won't will be much active as her partner TSB. At Night 3,she becomes more active, being even more agressive than TSB. Starting the second week, her behavior will become very unpredictable, being capable to go to your office twice in a row, and you have to be very fast to avoid her. On the latest nights, her eyes will almost always have nothing in they, just a complete black.

If you don't close the vents fast or put the mask, she will jumpscare you, causing a Game Over.


-Faith should be named Toy Golden Freddy, but, for obvious reasons,the name was changed

-She has the "ability" to teleport from a room to other sometimes

More soon


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