A long time ago, when the company was looking for a new band of animatronic mascots, they called in me, Doctor Fredrick Hughens, to create a new group of animatronics to set a new face in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Unfortunately, plans were changed, and my animatronics were accepted by a rival company, which erected a building in the honor of the company's new mascot, Baby the Clown. At first, everything worked out fine for the animatronics and their environment, but as time passed.. well.. strange things started to happen to the animatronics.. and as for me.. well.. I started to sink slowly into insanity. But now, with that said, the story awaits:

The building was dark and lonely, being that the guests were gone, the employees had gone home, and not a creature was stirring, except for the animatronics. Huddled together on the main stage, stood four animatronics, a bear, a ballerina, a clown, and a fox. The bear, known as Funtime Freddy, sported a pink and white color scheme with a black top hat and bowtie, two black buttons, blue eyes, a black microphone in one hand a blue Bonnie hand puppet on the next. The ballerina humanoid, known as Ballora, sported a lavender, blue and white, color scheme with pink cheeks and a pinkish-purple tu-tu, and blue ballet-dancer shoes. The fox, known as Funtime Foxy, has the same color scheme as that of F. Freddy, except with yellow eyes, red cheeks, a red bow, and a feminine appearance. And lastly, the clown humanoid, known as Baby, sports a red and white color scheme with a red dress, green eyes, a red microphone, and red hair.

These four animatronics shook uncontrollably in fear, their eyes watching a darkened corner of the room as a hidden figure uncurled and re-curled its tentacles, also watching them. Though the animatronics couldn't rightly see the figure's face, or body, its nest of tentacles seemed clearly visible through the darkness of the room.

Baby, inhaling and exhaling, made a hesitant word with the crouched figure. "What are you? What do you want with us?"

The figure let out a harsh laugh and replied. "Let me play with you. Let us play with you."

Baby and her friends shook with the coldness and malicious intent in those words. Baby, slowly, fearfully, repeated, "What are you? What do you want with us?"

And the figure responded in the same cold and harsh tone. "LET US PLAY. LET ME PLAY." And so, the night continued, with neither animatronic getting the answers they had asked for.

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