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Fanon World is a game where anyone can add there own characters, worlds, attacks, enemies, bosses, chips, bites, NPC's, and more!

Note: Basically, it's if Five Nights Of Everything was in FNAF World.


Golden-Sans78's version

Welcome to Fanon-village! A land of peace, harmony, and lots and lots of Fanon characters. However, recently, strange events have caused the world to glitch uncontrollably. Turns out, a evil virus that took the form of a messed-up Fredbear is trying to destroy it! It's up to a party of 8 to save the world!



  1. Jumpscare : The Character jumpscares the enemies, stunning them for a few seconds.
  2. Boost Machine : The Character builds a machine, raising attack.
  3. Eye Beam : The Character deals medium damage, chance of critical hit!

Meta Knight

  1. Slasher : The Character throws an 8-bit sword that has a 5% chance of dealing 99999 damage.
  2. Poppers : The Character spawns party poppers that are explosive in high numbers.
  3. Waterhose : The Character kills all enemies under 30% health.


  1. Mimic Ball : The Character creates a mimic ball that mimics every attack you do.
  2. Tangle : The Character wraps one of the enemies with itself, dealing damage overtime.
  3. Springlocks : The Character deals maximum area damage.

Dark Matter

  1. Gloom Song : The Character decreases enemy attack for a limited time.
  2. Haunting : The Character summons a ghost freddy, giving the character a 10% chance to turn an enemy into stone.
  3. Eye Beam



Fanon village is the Hubworld of sorts. Here, you can buy stuff from the shop, Train on a dummy, and just plain out chill.







The good ending (Golden-Sans78 version)

The hero's finally defeat the evil virus, and save Fanon-village!