She is a red fox, she has long arms, dark red hair, a really big tail, and huge ears, she wears a long black dress with an apron attached to it, the dress goes down past her feet the fur inside her ears is a dark red
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and the tip of her tail is a dark red, she has orange eyes and sharp claws.


She has a relationship with somebody but she still likes to flirt with other people she doesn't like many children the only child she likes is Howl but sometimes she doesn't like him much as he may become a bit annoying. She goes around the pizzeria taking children's orders and she always has a smile on her face, she doesn't like many people and isolates herself most of the time. She is very forgetful and can never remember much and because of this she is always frustrated.

Back Story

She can't remember >,<


She starts off in the dining room and moves to the east hall and to the supply closet and then makes her way to the office. She normally will wait outside your door awhile because she is trying to remember where she started off and where everything is and where to go



Howl is her son and she gets frustrated with him sometimes


KoKo and her are in a relationship and they love each other very much :3


She likes Kashikoi because she is KoKo's little sister, Fauna is always asking her for advice


She doesn't like Megumi because she tries to steal KoKo and manipulate him D:<

Toy Megumi

She is sorta friends with her they might fall out here and there but they are mostly friends

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