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Fawn the Acadamey deer is the newest animatronic at Snowstruck Destrucktion's Pizza.


The employees wanted a animatronic that would encourege the kids about school. So they made Fawn. She has her own location called Echo Creek Acadamey There is a room for kids 7- and 8+. Brittney isn't her friend. She doesn't like Fawn's glasses and dress.


Snowstruck Destruction- Fawn loves how snowstruck has some of her endoskeleton shown. And they became BFFS

Bracer- Bracer loved fawn and helped her carry her books!

Neko The Cat- The newest animatronic at Snowstruck Destruction's Pizza. They became fast friends


Echo Creek Acadamey is Fawn's location.


Fawn throws books at you and you go from the night you are on to 6:00AM (for ex your at 1 am Fawn throws books at you and you complete the night!)


  • Fawn is the second one to wear clothing.
  • Fawn is the first animatronic to wear glasses


Coming Soon. User You can add pictures.

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