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Know what you're doin', mate, my copartner Springtrap is watchin' you.
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WIP-PizzeriaInProgress Under Construction
FazQuest (videogame) is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.
WIP-PizzeriaInProgress Under Construction
FazQuest (videogame) is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.
FazQuest (videogame)
Game Information
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, iPad
Developer Scott Cawthon
Genre Role-playing game, puzzle
Mode Singleplayer
Release date(s)
Download(s) eShop, Steam, App Store/Play Store
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FazQuest is a puzzle and roleplaying game for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Computers and iPads. It was rated E10+ by ESRB, 7+ by PEGI, B by CERO and 11+ by ELSPA. It's a turn-based RPG based on this roleplay.



The Puppet and Golden Freddy cooperate with the Purple Man into shutting down Freddy Fazbears Pizza and using a suit, Springtrap, for evil purposes. They kidnap Bonnie, Mangle, Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie. It's up to Freddy, Toy Freddy, Foxy and Chica to ruin The Purple Man's party, and free the captured from him and his crew!


Gameplay is like other RPGs, but also has elements of puzzle games. For those who don't know, it is a turn based style (You attack, the enemy attacks, and so on). This leads to some serious strategising when it comes to the levels. As at least every level except the first few have bosses at the end of them, it's no secret that it's no walk in the park, but don't worry; the first few levels are rather toned back in difficulty.



Playable Characters

Available from the start

Freddy - The walking talk of the playable characters. He has the most health (550-600 HP) and can do lots of damage in a short time, however, he can only attack one time every two turns.


Name Effect Uses?
Microphone Jab Slaps with his microphone N/A
Tophat Toss Tosses his tophat 5 SP
Toreador March Inflicts sleep and darkness 10 MP
Scream Screams through his microphone 15 SP
Stuff Stuffs small enemies in Freddy Fazbear costumes; does not work on bosses. It can only be used in battles with at least 3 enemies. Can be used only once per fight
Kick Fredyy unleashes three powerful kicks on the enemy. 20 SP
Jumpscare Freddy uses his Power Out jumpscare from FNaF 1 18 MP
Tophat Shield Uses his tophat as a shield N/A
Fazbear Overdrive Turns into Nightmare Freddy. His l'il Freddies cut through the opponent, and N. Freddy finishes the job with three chomps. 100 GB

Toy Freddy - The opposite of Freddy. He's very fast but weak in both health (330-350 HP) and damage, and is always able to use attacks, multiple times every turn.


Name Effect Uses?
Hat Toy Freddy pulls his hat over an enemy's head, causing blindness and harm. N/A
Microphone Throw Throws his microphone as a boomerang. Hits twice. 5 SP
Dimming Lights The lights flicker, making enemies undable to attack for two turns. 20 MP
Strike ! Throws bowling balls to the opponents, knocking them over.  N/A
Microphone Throw II Throws microphone in the air and lands on a random enemy N/A
Scream Jumpscares the enemy. 10 SP
Dance Dances horribly, scaring the enemy so much they go haywire. Inflicts the "Short Circuit" status effect. 20 SP
Lights Out The lights go out entirely. Enemies cannot attack for a turn.  36 MP
Sing Sings terribly throughout his microphone and spreads it with stereos, sending deadly music notes to the foe. 100 GB

Foxy - The main speed demon. He's the fastest of the crew and is very deadly in damage, his health normal (440-490 HP), but his defense is nearly non-existant. 


Name Effect Uses?
1987 Bites the enemy; causes "Short Circuit" and "Leaking Oil". N/A
Sword Slash Slashes the foe with a sword. N/A
Scratch Scratches the foe with claws. N/A
Pirate Ship A pirate ship drops on the enemy and squashes them. Foxy then jumps on it and runs over the remaining foes. 30 SP
Pierré Pierré the Lory, the game's merchant, habesdasher and shopkeeper, comes to Foxy's aid and rams into the enemies. 15 SP
Fire! Several cannonry pops up out of nowhere and shoot cannonballs. 20 MP
Jump Foxy lashes out at the foe and causes positive, helping, intentional glitches upon hitting the enemy. 25 MP
Skitter Foxy skitters into the foe and rams 'em. N/A
Wrath of the Fox Foxy devours all foes, kills two of them by swallowing them and spitting the others into the screen (causing several cracks and bursts, breaking the fourth wall). 100 GB

Chica - The support. Chica can use all sorts of support tricks and techniques for things like healing her friends, doubling damage, resurrecting, and much, much more. She has 200-270 HP, and once KO'd is not able to be used for the remainder of the battle unless the player pays 500 cupcakes (the currency in the game). Unlike other sidekicks/buddies, Chica CAN be in a fight if Freddy already has a sidekick. 

Name Effect Uses?
Medicate "Rejuvenates" Freddy or any other character, curing their wounds and healing their HP without using an item. 5 MP
Recover Reverses, undoes all status effects inflicted on Freddy or his buddy. 10 MP
Double Damage Chica doubles damage for three turns. 15 MP
Resurrect Revives a teammate without using an item. Can be used only once per fight.
Stats Up The stats of Freddy and his teammates are boosted for two turns without having to Level Up. 20 MP
Cupcake Throw She throws the Nightmare Cupcake, which damages foes and heals Freddy and/or the buddy with the amount of damage that was done (Example: If the cupcake does 53 damage, then the player's character(s) are healed with 53 HP). 25 MP
Pizza! A pizza falls on a random foes' face. Chica then jumps on the foe and constantly chomps the foe, attempting to eat the pizza. 30 SP
Defence Freddy and the sidekick can not take damage for a turn; any enemy attempting to attack instead gets injured with 10-29 HP. 50 SP
Guzzle Chica swallows several enemies, bites them, licks 'em than spits them out in the background while healing the sidekick, and/or Freddy. 100 GB


Mangle - Unlocked after saving him by trading with Golden Freddy using Top Hats. His health and power is OK (420-450 HP), he has great defense. He can elude attacks by jumping to the ceiling. In the puzzle preceding the fight with The Puppet, he's abducted again, then re-programmed to attack the Fazbear Group. After the fight, Mangle is KO'd and not playable for the game's remainder.


Name Effect Uses?
1987, Phase II Bites the opponents four times; causes "Leaking Oil". N/A
Crash Mangle climbs to the ceiling and drops down to the enemy. N/A
Super 1987 The same as 1987, Phase II, but now from the ceiling. 15 SP
Hook Cuts the foe with a hook 25 SP
Static Mangle makes static noises, distracting the foes. Can be used only twice per fight.
Wall Climb Mangle climbs a wall, then jumps on a foe. 30 SP
Rocket Fires missiles. 20 MP
Laser Fires a ray that freezes enemies and/or sets them on fire. 40 MP
Mangle Finale Mangle turns into the "Mangle Launcher". Quack G. Fowl then comes and uses Mangle as a bazooka, firing lots of bombshells and fire bombs. 100 GB

Bonnie - Unlocked after beating Nightmare, Bonnie is a balanced character who is lacking in nothing. He has decent health (400-440 HP), average attack and defence, amazing speed which makes him nearly as fast as Foxy, but there is no special technique he can do. Later in the game, he is destroyed by Springtrap for more parts, and cannot be played as after that.


Name Effect Uses?
Bunny Hop Bonnie jumps on a foe and bounces off. N/A
Guitar Rock Sends lethal notes to a random enemy. 10 MP
Guitar 720° Spins the guitar around, then clobbers the targeted foe. 20 SP
Guitar Hit Spanks the foe with a guitar. N/A
Run Bonnie runs behind the foe quickly, then spins his guitar. 10 SP
Mask Off Bonnie takes off his mask, scaring the foes. 20 SP
Choke Bonnie suffocates the foe. Can be used only thrice in one fight
Dimming Lights Disable The lights fall out, and when they're back on, one foe is disabled for five turns. 100 MP
Mask Off 2 Bonnie turns in it's FNaF 2 self and scares the foes, then turns back, the lights flicker and Bonnie will beat up the foes with the guitar. 100 GB

Cerastes - Unlocked after convincing him to join the party, Cerastes is very strong, but he's slow and almost defenceless.



Toy Chica - Unlocked after beating both Phantom Freddy and The Puppet, Toy Chica is a more durable version of Chica, but is even more lacking in defense. Her health (340-410 HP) is at least normal, her defense is terrible, and other than that, nothing else is changed. Later in the game, as she gets destroyed, her energy fused into Chica's, making Chica even more effective (Changing health to 580 for Chica). Her Gigabreak Overdrive is also different.


Name Effect Uses?
Face Off Toy Chica's eyes and beak dissapear, scaring the foes. Toy Chica's cupcake's candle then burns the enemies. 100 GB 

Toy Bonnie - Unlocked after saving him from being corrupted by the Nightmare animatronics, Toy Bonnie is a fast support character, who's stats are the same as Mangle's, except swapping the speed and defense stats. Toy Bonnie's noteable ability is his capability to store items in his ears for later use or reference for what to do. After a boss fight with Golden Freddy, Springtrap destroys him like the others, and his energy gets merged with Foxy to give him more speed.

Milky the Puss (from Five Nights at Freddy's DX) - Unlocked after informing her about the situation. She is balanced and has 460 HP. Like all others characters, during the final battle she is not playable.

Name Effect Uses?
Claws Milky claws an random foe. N/A
Bell Sends sound waves from the bell around her neck. 5 SP
Mangle Spoof Milky's own version of Mangle's Super 1987. 20 MP
Tailstrike Uses her tail as a whip. N/A
Jumo Jumps on a random foe. N/A
Scream Jumpscares the enemy. 10 SP
Dance Dances horribly, scaring the enemy so much they go haywire. Inflicts the "Short Circuit" status effect. 20 SP
Cuteness Milky unleashes her full "dinky-ness", causing enemies to get blinded due to her being SO adorable. 36 MP
Vendetta of the Scratch-Cat Unleashes full fury on the enemy, scratching and biting them. 100 GB



Items, scattered all over the area, bought in shops ran by Pierré the Lory, found in chests, or dropped by enemies, they can be used for a kind of effect:

Name Effect Price (shops)
Pizza Heals 25 HP 10 Cupcakes
Spaghetti Bolognaise Heals 40 HP 20 Cupcakes
Spaghetti Carbonara Heals 65 HP 40 Cupcakes
Lasagna Heals 82 HP 60 Cupcakes
Macaroni Heals 96 HP 100 Cupcakes
Macaroni casserole Heals 110 HP 130 Cupcakes
Johnny Marzetti Heals 150 HP 170 Cupcakes
Noodles Heals 200 HP 250 Cupcakes
Chocolate Heals 50 SP 100 Cupcakes
Sweets/Candies Heals 30 MP 80 Cupcakes
Lollipop Fills the GB bar with 10%. 120 Cupcakes
Hotdog Revives a KO'd animatronic. 160 Cupcakes
Cheeseburger Boosts defence with 30% for two turns. 100 Cupcakes
Croque Monsieur/Croque Boum-Boum Randomly uses an effect from one of the above items. 200 Cupcakes
Doritos Just like Croque Monsieur/Boum-Boum, but has a 40% more chance to boost speed or defence. 200 Cupcakes
Muffin Grants invincibilty for two turns. Very rare. 450 Cupcakes
Mystery Chest Gives the player random items. Very rare. 330 Cupcakes
Badge Depends Depends

Most Important Antagonists

Player Options

The following options can be used in battle:

  • Default Attack: A simple attack. Duh.
  • Skill: Choose from several other attacks
  • Special: Special attacks that use up SP
  • Magic: Magic, psychic attacks that take up MP.
  • Item: Use an item
  • Overlimit: Use a special "Overdrive" attack; a gushy, extremely strong attack. Requires the GB bar to be full, which is filled by taking damage.
  • Swap Buddy: Choose another buddy to fight with.


Haunted Party Hat A party hat that attacks by ramming into the player. They usually appear with Streamers, who have the same HP (6 HP).


Endoskeletons appear in different kinds.

Endoskeleton Types

  • Normal Endoskeleton: A normal Endoskeleton that attacks by grabbing. He has 10 HP.
  • Stabby Skeleton: A Endoskeleton with a sword, that attacks by slashing with a sword. He has 15 HP.
  • Reloaded Exo: Endoskeletons with a shot gun. After attacking, they'll spend a turn reloading. They have 35 HP.
  • Endo Sniper: Endoskeletons with a sniper rifle. They're a LOT more powerful than Reloaded Exos. They have 99 HP.
  • Taser Teddy: The final and strongest Endoskeleton in the game. They use a taser that has a chance of instantly killing you, plus they have 115 HP.

More to come

Secret Game Mode

Once the game is beaten, typing in "Cawthon, Scott" unlocks "Plus" Mode. It's the original game but way harder, and more changes (going TBA soon)

Movement Control Settings

  • Arrow Keys (default)
  • Numpad 2486 
  • ZQSD
  • WASD (gaming keyboard only)
  • UHJK
  • TFGH


  • Withersoul 235: For thinking up the roleplay AND the game.
  • Bolt-Weed, Demonic BB: For partipicating in the RP - may edit the page without permission.