Golden Freddy is an antagonist within Fazquest.


Golden Freddy was an unused suit. While once originally friends with the animatronics, he turned sides with his more trusted friend, Springtrap.


Golden Freddy is a hard fight as he is relativly strong. However, compared to some other enemies, he's weak. You only fight him once.


Golden Choke - A simple attack that hits twice.

Teleportation - This attack is uncommon for Golden Freddy to use. This attack lets him hit a certain opponent from behind, and then be able to miss their attack after.

Tophat Toss - A simple attack that his all opponents. If there is one opponent, this attack will hit twice.

Teleportation Counter - This attack does nothing at first, but the next attack that is sent at Golden Freddy is instantly countered with a strong hitting throw, which hits another enemy at choice.

Floating Head Dash - One of Golden Freddy's stronger attacks. This attack can hit all the enemies and deals tons of damage. However, this attack can be dodged fairly easily.

Crash - While the name might be simple, the attack is super strong, hitting everyone without a dodge. However, this isn't as strong as Teleportation Counter and Floating Head Dash.


HP: 1594

POW: 355

DEF: 200

SPEED: 200

EXP: 1000


  • Golden Freddy sometimes refuses to attack.

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