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A series of minigames starring Freddy & co. going through adventures. They were created during the 80s and stopped being produced in the early 90s, which was also when Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed for good. You can contribute to this page with your own game ideas. Fazbear's Arcade was created by Shadowboy192.


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Freddy's Adventure(owned by: Shadowboy192)

A TLOZ-like game where you explore an overworld with either Freddy, Bonnie, Chica or Foxy. Each of them had unique specials that can be activated when a certain amount of enemies is killed and their power bar is full. Your goal was to find all the keys around the world which are guarded by bosses. When all are collected you would fight Cobalt The Bull, the final boss of the game. Upgrades can also be found to increase health and power.

Playable Characters


Health: 25

Speed: Average

Power: 10

Special: Jack-in-the-box - Freddy takes a music box from his back, It then opens revealing a small version of the Puppet. It does damage to all the enemies on screen and also stuns them.


Health: 20

Speed: Average

Power: 15

Special: Rock n' Lock - Bonnie starts jammin' with his guitar, creating musical notes that follow and damage enemies nearby, It lasts for 10 secons. Bonnie can still walk around and attack while this is activated.


Health: 45

Speed: Low

Power: 5

Special: Cupcake Increase - Chica eats a golden cupcake and gets all her health back plus an speed and attack increase, lasts for 15 seconds.


Health: 10

Speed: High

Power: 15

Special: Cannonball! - Foxy makes a cannon appear out of nowhere and rides it. It fires a total of 7 cannonballs before disappearing, these blow up when they touch something or an enemy. The cannon can be directed but Foxy will not be able to move.

Non-Playable Characters

Token Boy

Information: Token Boy was a merchant character that could be found at the start and in hidden areas through the game. He sells a variety of items that can be helpful to the main characters.

Appearance: Differently from what the name emplies, Token Boy doesn't look similiar to BB. The only thing in common with them is their humanoid look. He has a beige skin color, black hair and cyan eyes. Token Boy wears a green suit with gold parts attached to it, along with golden tools inside the pocket in his blue pants. He also seems to have an open mouth with closed teeth and a round nose.


Pizza: Sometimes dropped by enemies. Heals 5 health points when a character touches it. An

Soda: Can be bought


Chuck The Mad Mouse

Appearance: Looks like a cartoon mouse with broken shades, a cap and red shirt coming out of an arcade machine while glitching. The arcade machine is it's weak point.

Health: 125

Power: 5

Attack Pattern: Normally fires bolt projectiles at the characters, but sometimes will go inside the arcade machine and bombs will be thrown from inside it. When the arcade machine is destroyed Chuck will come out of it and start to slowly vanish while it follows the main character. When he completely vanishes a key will drop out of him.

Buff Billy

Appearance: Looks like a giant fat bear with rosy cheeks. He has big muscles and seems to hold a giant guitar as a weapon.

Health: 250

Power: 12

Attack Patern: He will stand at a stage and will play his guitar while at it. While playing the guitar musical notes will come at you. Damaging him while he plays his guitar will make him mad, which will result in him playing his guitar harder, sending faster musical notes at you. If you manage to survive the notes he will put his guitar behind his back and will then rush at you. If he hits while doing his rush he will laugh and return to the stage, if you manage to dodge him he will hit a wall and fall at the ground for a few seconds, giving you time to hit him.

When you deal enough damage to him he will go to the middle of the room and will start tapping his foot violently, which will break the floor, opening a pit that he falls into. A key will come out of the pit seconds after.


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