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Fazbears Fall is the first game created by Renzo Studios

It takes place at the end of Fazbear Entertainment's life

i shows what happened to the characters we have seen

night 0: this is the traini night this shows the Purple Guy break into the pizzeria

night 1: this is the first true night that you can die in

(cutscene): Freddy gets dismantled

night 2: A.I. Set to 7) all animatronics are active except Freddy (dismantled)

(cutscene) Bonnie gets Dismantled

night 3: only Chica and Foxy are active

(cutscene) Chica gets dismantled

night 4: only Foxy is active his A.I. Is 20

(cutscene) foxy dismantled PG Dies

Night 5: Springtrap Active (A.I 15)

(cutscene) FFP Burns Down

Nightmare: Takes Place In Fazbears Storage with Ultra Withered Animatronics

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