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Fazbear:Origins is a FNAF fangame created by PMG Studios, powered by CryEngine 3 and released for Xbox 360,PS3 and PC.

Characters Edit

Freddy Fazbear Edit

The main character and the player character.He is also Fazbear Town's protector.

Dean Fallbear Edit

Freddy's butler.A british animatronic created by The Operating System and released half a year before the game's events.Freddy mostly relies on him for repairs and upgrades.

Bonnie the Bunny Edit

Freddy's loyal sidekick.He highly respects Freddy and always listens to him.He was adopted by Freddy and was trained in martial arts by him.

Penny the Polar Bear Edit

A feisty female who works on her own side and Freddy's recurring love interest,Penny is a strong and agile thief who sometimes helps Freddy.

Chica the Chicken Edit

Mr.Foxy's wife,who was frozen in ice when her husband tried to cure her of a deadly disease.Mr.Foxy is still thinking of a way to bring her back.

Mr.Foxy Edit

A depressed scientist who requires a cryogenic suit to live.Sad over his wife Chica's half-death,he became one of Freddy's enemies.Based on Batman's Mr.Freeze.

Golden Freddy Edit

Freddy's arch-enemy,but also his closest friend.With a permanent grin on his face,thanks to an acid accident,he seeks vengeance on Freddy,aided by his equally insane girlfriend,Penny Quinn.

Penny Quinn Edit

Real name Penelope Quinzel,Penny is Golden Freddy's equally insane girlfriend and one of Freddy's enemies.Being an agile female,she is a match for Freddy and his girlfriend.


Trivia Edit

The game is based on Batman:Arkham Origins with a slight touch of Arkham Knight.

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