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This fan game, is inspired by The Simpsons Tapped Out, but features FNAF Related things.

Plot Edit

Freddy Fazbear starts in the Pizzaria playing on his DiPhone 6s when suddenly the Boiler explodes causing the Entire Fazbear empire to be wiped away.

Characters & Collections Edit

Classics Edit

Freddy -Starter

Bonnie -Freddy Fazbear's Pizza -Level One

Chica -Chica's Party World -Level 15

Foxy -Foxy's Clubhouse -Level 12

Golden Freddy -Power Plant -Level 12

Cupcake -Cupcake Factory -Level 21

Toys Edit

Toy Freddy -Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 1987 -Level 9

Toy Bonnie -Fazbear Warehouse -Level 13

Toy Chica -Fazbear Factory -Level 20

Mangle -Fazbear Robotics -Level 4

Toy Fredbear -Animatronica Buddist Temple

Toy Shadow Freddy -Animatronica Buddist Temple

Toy Foxy -Unlock Foxy -Level 12

Balloon Boy -Balloon Stand -Level 5

Jay Jay -Balloon Stand -Level 5

Withereds Edit

Withered Freddy -Part-E -Mart -Level 20

Withered Bonnie -Level 20

Withered Chica -Level 20

Withered Foxy -Sky Pirate Ship -Level 22

Withered Golden Freddy -Golden Tower -Level 22

Shadows Edit

Shadow Freddy -Level 15

Shadow Bonnie -Level 15

Shadow BB -Fazbear Apartments -Level 25

Shadow JJ -Fazbear Apartments -Level 25

Shadow Chica -Level 15

Shadow Foxy -Animatronica Elementary School -Level 15

Marionette - Prize Box -Level 15

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