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Fazbear Adventure Is A Five Nights at Freddy's RPG Game, Made By Scott Cawthon. It Is Set To Release On December 25, 2015. The Game's Demo Is Available On Steam For Free. You Play As Freddy, As You Try Go Destroy Many, Many Different Bosses.

Playable Characters

Freddy (Unlocked From Start)

Bonnie (Unlocked After Defeating Evil Bonnie)

Chica (Unlocked After Defeating Evil Chica)

Foxy (Unlocked After Defeating Evil Foxy)

Golden Freddy (Unlocked After Completing The Game 100%)


Evil Bonnie

Evil Chica

Evil Foxy




Freddy's Mic

Bonnie's Guitar

Chica's Cupcake

Foxy's Hook


On October 29, 2015 An Image Was Posted On For 1 Hour Before The Pumkin Nightmare Chica Image, Saying 'Fazbear Adventure 2'

v 1.1 Update

An Update Coming On January 31, 2016, That Will Include More Playable Characters, More Bosses, And More Extremely Epic Weapons!

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